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Representative BSOP projects

Supporting the Development of an Intellectual Property Court in Vietnam
K.I.Asia, in partnership with STAR – Vietnam (Support for Trade Acceleration), a USAID-funded project headquartered in Hanoi, created a linkage between the Thai Central Intellectual Property and International Trade (CIPIT) and Vietnam’s Supreme People’s Court beginning in 2002. Through participation in workshops, technical exchanges and observational programs, Thai and Vietnamese judges shared experiences and ideas on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), aiming toward the development of a specialized IPR court in Vietnam modeled in part on the Thai experience. In addition, a three-week training program for 25 Vietnamese judges on IPR enforcement was delivered to support Vietnam’s movement toward establishing a specialized IPR court or section of a court. From venues in Vietnam and Thailand, this comprehensive training program included presentations, training sessions and site visits conducted by experts from Vietnam, Thailand and the US. In addition, to expand regional cooperation on IPR enforcement, the program included judges from China and Lao PDR.