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Youth Development & Innovative Education Program


Perhaps the greatest long-term investment in sustainable development a country can make is to support its youth through continuing education and work force development programming. By equipping youth with leadership capabilities, creative thinking skills, and technical and business knowledge, and by combining these attributes with social and environmental awareness, Kenan Institute Asia (K.I.Asia) is training the youth of today to be the community, business and socially responsible leaders of tomorrow. By working with the government to upgrade science, mathematics, and IPR teaching and learning in the classroom, and to improve the job skills of people in local communities in areas such as entrepreneurship and ICT, K.I.Asia works to develop the region's human resources in order to achieve its goal of sustainable development. Working closely with corporate and government clients to design and implement programs, facilitate volunteer participation and communicate program impacts, K.I.Asia’s team serves as trainers, advisors, match-makers and project managers. Furthermore, K.I.Asia’s customized programs facilitate collaboration among families, schools, school districts, community leaders, local governments, the Ministry of Education and private companies.  
Our Professional Team
K.I.Asia has twelve professionals with expertise in science, mathematics, IPR, ICT for education, entrepreneurship, leadership and sustainable tourism. The education team also includes prominent Thai and foreign educators who are engaged on a project by project basis. These advisors bring over 100 years of experience in best practices in educational policies, teacher professional development and evaluation.


  • Microsoft Building Employability through Technology and Entrepreneurship Resources (BETTER)Project Video presentation

Project examples

  • The Inquiry-based Science and Technology Education Program (IN-STEP)

    IN-STEP is a unique instructional improvement program designed to enhance school leadership and teachersí skills in basic science concepts and pedagogy in order to better implement inquiry-based learning in middle school classrooms. With US $500,000 in funding from MSD Thailand ... Read More
  • Community Technology and Learning Centers Development (CTLCs)

    CTLCs build capacity and empower disadvantaged people by providing access to ICT and training at communitybased centers. With US $138,000 funding from Microsoft,...Read More
  • Money Wise, Young Entrepreneurs

    In 2004, with US $60,000 in funding from GE Money, K.I.Asia ran a two-year program called ďMoney Wise, Young EntrepreneursĒ, which taught high school students the fundamentals of personal finance, entrepreneurship and business plan development. Specifically, the program addressed important needs in Thailand where personal and household debts are high and money management skills are low...Read More
  • Microsoft Building Employability through Technology and Entrepreneurship Resources (BETTER)

    As a consequence of the global financial crisis, an estimated 70,000 workers will be laid off from the garment, jewelry, electronics, food, SMEs and service industries. Many of those who lose their jobs lack basic ICT skills, with little potential for further training opportunities, placing them in a disadvantaged position for finding new or better employment. K.I.Asia, in collaboration with Microsoft (Thailand) Ltd. and the Thailand Department of Skill Development (DSD) under the Ministry of Labor, will provide ICT training and ICT for entrepreneurship training through the DSD for unemployed and at-risk workers, as well as small SME operators. Read More
  • The Boeing Ė Technology Enhanced Learning (Boeing - TEL)

    The Boeing Ė Technology Enhanced Learning (Boeing - TEL) (previously known as the Boeing One Computer Classroom: OCC) is a teacher professional development program designed to help teacherís bring technology directly into the classroom and use it as a teaching aid. Now in its third year, the program is funded by the Boeing Company and managed and implemented by the Kenan Institute Asia (K.I.Asia). In year one and two, the program assisted principals, teachers, and students in 53 schools (33 Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and 20 IT Princess Schools). This year, 20 more schools will be added to the program. To date, Boeing has provided US $230,000 in support, which is being used to directly benefit more than 70 principals, 200 teachers and over 40,000 students. Read More
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Curriculum

    K.I.Asia and the Thai Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, worked to develop Thailandís first IPR curriculum, which will be adopted by the Basic Education Commission and the Vocational Education Commission for use in schools nationwide.Read More
  • Creative Economy Curriculum

    The Department of Intellectual Property has provided K.I.Asia with funding to develop and pilot the Creative Economy Curriculum. The project curriculum includes intellectual property rights, creativity and entrepreneurship designed to prepare Thai citizens for more creative economy that will increase productivity, raise value added and provide Thailandís prople with interesting, well-paid work.Read More
  • Improvement of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics and Science Project (UPGRADE)

    Kenan Institute Asia has partnered with the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) and Teachers College (TC), Columbia University, to develop a program to improve teaching and learning in science and mathematics. Read More
  • CHEVRON-INCREASE Inquiry-based Classroom Reasoning for Experiential and Active Science Education Project

    Despite Thailandís rapid advancement and economic growth over the last 50 years, its work force continues to suffer from a lack of skilled workers trained in science-related fields including engineering and technology. This is due in part to an antiquated educational system that has historically utilized rote memorization as a principal method of teaching. Read More

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